Making the World Flood Resilient

Empowering developers, asset owners, engineers, and insurance companies with the data needed to mitigate the risk of floods.

Climate Change is Happening Now

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Canada faces an annual flood risk
lacking sufficient data for mitigation

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Current available flood map data only covers the period from 1970 to 1980

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Natural disaster costs are shared by the government, businesses, and individuals

Unlock the Future of Flood Risk Technology

Simplified, actionable property-level insights, enhancing risk mitigation across stakeholders.

Risk Insight​

NOAH provides an easy-to-use, site-based analysis tool that allows teams across your organization to gain a cohesive understanding of ​your assets’ flood risk across various extreme weather scenarios.​

High-Confidence Prediction​

With NOAH‘s proprietary data modeling, leverage a comprehensive range of exclusive data to deliver flood risk predictions with 95% confidence ​at the property level.​​

Digital Twins for
Disaster Planning​

NOAH deploys digital twin technology to simulate and strategize for future flood scenarios to aid in developing actionable strategies to mitigate gainst potential flooding catastrophes.​

ESG Aligned
Flood Insights

NOAH‘s assessment report elevates your real estate ​ESG profile, offering environmental insights for resilient and sustainable property management.

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